Valentine´s day: about history of kiss, symbol of heart (plus some stories)

Hello, you. As the time of plush hearts and red roses known as Valentine day is inevitably aproaching, I decided to write something different from wishlists and gifts inspirations.

Truth is, that almost everyone wrote  about love before me, but I have some of mine unique stories.


The first thing which I wanna write about is the history of kissing. Are you sometimes thinking about how weird is to hustle your tongue inside other´s person´s mouth?

Pablo Picasso. The Kiss, 1969

So there are few speculations about reason and origin of kissing. For example, Vaughn Bryant from Texas university is saying, that kissing involved from slipped lips during ritual rubbing noses and other parts of faces together.

Other theory offers explanation of kissing throught its similliarity to mouth-to-mouth feeding, which is highly popular in animal kingdom and in some human cultures.

Sigmund Freud also agree with “kissing is new feeding” theory, but in more extreme form. He also says, that felation is  based on nipple sucking instict too. And he’s not even fan of kisssing, in his Introductory Lessions he wrote, that kissing could be sign of perversion, because it’s allegory sexual organs connection.

However, the most bizzare explanation is, that old Romans was inspired to kissing each other (on lips) by ants touching their mandibles togehter. Funny fact is, that those ants are not even kissing- it is and act of exchange information and vomited food.

Ants touching by their mandibles.

And what about the motivation, the reason, of all that kissing? I beleive, that we do it because of pleasant feelings and it also helps our body to reveal if is our kissing partner good match for us ( both on unconscious and conscious level).

Heart as a symbol 

A symbol of what? Usually of life, kindness, romantic love…

In my teenage years, I had crush on my math teacher and drawed his initials into little harts on blurred door of shower set.(2) Most of you probably were doodling hearts into school notebooks, or on the wall or trees.

But in past, heart not such important, some cultures like Sumerian prefered livers like symbol of life and love. So we could now talk “straight from liver” and have “broken liver” and draw livers just everywhere. But it´s not happening. Why?

Here you have some livers…they were often used by haruspex to divination.

In Egypt was heart symbol of mind, will and soul, represented funktions both brain and heart. It was pictured more like vase with handels, than the real organ.

For Egyptian religion  was heart the key to the afterlife.  In non-existing  Weighing of the Heart ceremony was heart on one side of libres, and the feather of  Ma’at on the other. When the heart was heavier, it was immediately consumed by the monster Ammit.

Altought Egyptians considered heart as seat of reason and mind, Plato theorized that reasoning originated with the brain, and that passions originated in the “fiery” heart.

Egyptian heart amulet from Lapis lazuli stone.

The Aztecs believed that the heart was the seat of the individual and a fragment of the Sun’s heat. Mayans believed, that blood is nurishment for gods and painted it in blue color.

Where is your heart?
You give your heart to each thing in turn.
Carrying, you do not carry it…
You destroy your heart on earth— Nahua poem

Both Mayans and Aztec often sacrificed victims by extracting heart, and sometimes, they consumed it.

Aztec greenstone heart sculpture

First known using heart as symbol of romantic love and surrender is picture in 1250s. It occurs in a miniature decorating a capital ‘S’ in a manuscript of the French Roman de la poire.

By the 15th century, the heart shape had become an important part of Christian art. The Christian symbol of Sacred heart, is also called ” Most Sacred Heart of Jesus”. It´s physical representation of Jesuses love to humankind. It is usually painted red, with visible airta and veins, and there also cross, flames and thorn crown.

Well, the truth about a symbol of heart and his connection to romantic love is, that we really don´t know.

Unhappy love

Here you have most personal lines on my blog. I don´t enjoying  to reveal my privacy here, but since I spend a lot of Valentines day alone and sad, it made me  wanted to provide some comfort for those, who are not exactly in happy relationship in these days.

When I was about ten years, I was having a nice friendship with one boy. We wrote homework together, eat candies, riding bike on meadows and in forrest, climbing on trees…

One day I couldn´t resist and gave him kiss on cheek. It was weird, the fire-like feeling was exploding in my loins and belly and I knew nothing about it. I walked from him and started to apologize. Few month later he stopped spending time with me, because I became spoiled and selfish teenage girl.

The sad thing is, that I even can´t remember, who was the object of my first kiss on mouth, so I keep at least that kiss on the cheek in my mind instead.

The Kiss from Klimt

I also had a date with my math teacher. We go ride on bike, it was nice weather and flowers smells nicely in the air. But when he stopped on snack, he wanted to kiss me and probably something more-the chair broke. So he just took me home and I never seen him again. But he had too cold hands and eyes anyway.

Another story is about me and twice older men when I was seventeen. We “met” on IRC and he was married and also telling me, how great his marrige is.  But when we met face to face, I just liked him more, than a friend. I kissed him carefully, but I should do it. He gave me a cactus and left me in day of my eighteen birthdays. I cried for months.

That´s all, have a nice day.


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